J1 Section 1

2022.2.19 (Sat) 14:00

Nissan Stadium


Yokohama F・Marinos
  • Nakagawa (69'), Anderson Lopes (78')
Cerezo OSAKA
  • Shindo (40'), Kiyotake (90')
0-1 2-1

Match review

  • 2 points from CK. Harakawa’s 2 assists and the goals by Shindo and Kiyotake. Obtained a valuable 1 winning point in an away game.


    The 30th year of the J.League opening game. Cerezo Osaka boarded away and faced a match against Yokohama F. Marinos, who was second in the league last season. As starters, GK Kim Jin Hyeon, DF Riku Matsuda, Ryosuke Shindo, Takaya Nishio, Yusuke Maruhashi, MF Riki Harakawa, Hiroaki Okuno, Takashi Inui, Hiroshi Kiyotake, FW Bruno Mendes, Mutsuki Kato lined up in the glorious opening game.

    At the beginning, Cerezo got the set-pieces in quick succession. The right and left kicker, Harakawa and Maruhashi, sharply fed passes in. However, after that, the time that Yokohama FM took possession lasted. On the other hand, Cerezo corresponded with a defensive formation in the middle third. Their attack was mainly the counterattack, and they quickly put the ball into the space between opponents. Then, in the 23rd minute, Kato met the Maruhashi’s cross on the far side and shook the net, but there was no goal for the offside. It was a regrettable scene. As time passed, Cerezo’s defense line was pushed down by Yokohama FM, but they succeeded in scoring the opener in the 40th minute. Takashi Inui dribbled from around the halfway line, passed three opponents with a splendid step and fed to Kato. He carried it and shot and it hit the DF, and the game moved from the CK obtained there. It was Shindo who matched Harakawa's kick to the far side. The man who was challenging the opening game with the mind that “I played while feeling the joy of standing on the pitch at the opening game”. His header with the high hitting point was sucked into the net on the opposite side, and the first half finished with a one-point lead.

    In the second half, Cerezo continued to be on the defensive against Yokohama FM, who had pushed the tactics of "High Press • High Line" to the front and attacked forward. Even though they stole the ball, when they barely cleared and were not able to make the offensive time to connect it, they started to receive Yokohama FM’s second and third attacks. In the 52nd minute, Nishio gave a PK to the opponents but it was Kim Jin Hyeon who made the super save here. He perfectly read Marcos Junior's kick and made a big save. They escaped the difficulties, but the flow of the game stayed the same. Then, in the 69th minute, they could not stand it and conceded a goal. From the breakthrough of Anderson Lopes, who entered in the middle three minutes ago, Teruhito Nakagawa scored. In the 76th and 77th minutes, Kim Jin Hyeon managed to block the opponent's scoring chances and they barely endured, but in the 78th minute they conceded a second goal and the game was reversed.

    Immediately after, in the 79th minute, Manager Akio Kogiku sent in Sota Kitano of Cerezo Osaka U-18 and Ryosuke Yamanaka, who would play against his former club. Then, Kitano, who made his J1 debut, which is the third youngest record in club history, drew in the flow. He brought the rhythm to the team with his dribble in the 83rd minute and in the 87th minute he received Shindo's vertical pass and shot from a skillful trap. It hit the defense and got a CK, and this shot became a cue for a tie goal. In the 89th minute, Kiyotake, who cut the pass of the opponent DF, and Hirotaka Tameda made a chance. And in the 90th minute, it was Kiyotake who headed to Harakawa's CK. At the last minute, Cerezo caught up to the tie and returned to the start of the match. Although there are still some issues to be solved in terms of content, the value of 1 winning point obtained on the verge of losing the game is high. The new wave, Kitano, brought momentum, and the newly joined players, Hikaru Nakahara, Yamanaka, and Tokuma Suzuki also participated in the middle to revitalize the pitch. It was one winning point that was won by all force of the team.