J1 Section 7

2020.7.26 (Sun) 19:00

Ekimae Real Estate Stadium


Sagan Tosu
  • Ishii (51')
Cerezo OSAKA
  • Sakamoto (75')
0-0 1-1
DAZN オンラインで試合観戦

Match review

  • Despite difficult development that allowed the opponent’s opener, equalized by Sakamoto’s J1 first goal. Obtained valuable 1 winning point with whole team force.

    This was the third game of three consecutive games. At the match against Sagan Tosu getting into the opponent’s home, it was a painful entry to give CK in succession receiving the pressure of Tosu from the begging. They managed to endure there and regained their calmness, and started to keep the possession centering Naoyuki Fujita. In 14th minutes, Yuta Toyokawa got behind the pass from Hiroshi Kiyotake and aimed at the shot, and in 21st minutes, they broke the left side and Kiyotake who became free in the center made a shot. However, the first scoring chance came to Tosu. In 22nd minutes, GK Kim Jin Hyeon reached out and punched the decisive heading of Teruki Hara, which was given from FK, and in following, Riku Matsuda blocked Yohei Toyoda’s close range shot, with his body. They did not allow the goal.

    After that, Cerezo made chances by going through the opponent's intense press, as Yoichiro Kakitani, who was the starter since 3rd section against Shimizu S-Pulse, approached the goal from a splendid step. However, they could not carry the ball to the high position and struggled to build-up in the first half, compared to the previous games.

    In the second half that they challenged with “some modifications and made sure to going to win" (Lotina head coach), Tatsuhiro Sakamoto, who took a high position, repeatedly tried to break through and got an FK. Attacked back. However, in 51st minutes when the offensive was strengthened, they allowed Tosu for the opener. When the cross from the right side was crossed back on the left side, a bright middle shot was thrown from the center.

    Cerezo gave the second opener this season. In 72nd minutes, Lotina head coach sent in three members, Koji Suzuki, Hiroaki Okuno, and Yuta Koike. Then, they brought the flow. In 74th minutes, Okuno flicked Matsuda's cross and almost made a scoring chance, and in 75th minutes Suzuki received the pass from Yasuki Kimoto and softly provided to Sakamoto pulling the DF, and Sakamoto cut in and made a flashing shot with left foot. A spectacular ballistic shot pierced the goal net and Cerezo caught up for the tie. For Sakamoto, this was the even pleasing J1 first goal after joining the team.

    After Kimoto blocked the pinch with his body in 80th minutes, Cerezo made scoring chances in quick succession from there. In 85th minutes, Matsuda and Sakamoto broke the right side connecting from the defense line, and it seemed that Koike, who entered from the opposite side to the cross back of Suzuki, was fallen down in the penalty area, but it was judged as no foul. Even in 90th minutes, Eiichi Katayama had a scoring chance getting out to the pass of Okuno who created a numerical advantage by connecting from defense line. And in 90 + 1st minutes, Okuno stole the ball at a high position and approached the goal, but Koike, who received a pass, could not finish the shot.

    Then, just before the end of the game, they had a scared pinch from the CK, but Matsuda blocked the opponent's shot with his body again. The game was over without allowing reversal goals. From the heavy start, they gradually improved the development, activated with player substitution in the second half, and obtained 1 winning point with whole team force. We would like to take advantage of this match that has helped to raise the bottom up of the team for further games in the season.