J1 Section 5

2020.7.18 (Sat) 19:00

Edion Stadium Hiroshima


Sanfrecce Hiroshima
  • Douglas Vieira (53')
Cerezo OSAKA
  • Own Goal (20'), Fujita (50')
0-1 1-1
DAZN オンラインで試合観戦

Match review

  • Sakamoto's sharp breakthrough was the starting point for the opener. Fujita's happy first goal after joining! Defended the onslaught of Hiroshima and got the valuable winning 3 points.

    This was the first away match with spectator since the league game resumed. Cerezo Osaka, who got into the away ground, won 2-1 against Sanfrecce Hiroshima. Cerezo Osaka succeeded in grabbing the winning 3 points in the crucial game after the consecutive 3 wins stopped since season opening.

    Like the previous section, Cerezo smoothly turned the ball from the beginning. They made a chance from Yusuke Maruhashi's cross starting from Hiroshi Kiyotake. Even in defense, they carefully kept the close eye on coming through of 2 tops of opponents. After the game without risk, they succeeded in getting the opener in 20th minutes. After carrying the ball from Riku Matsuda’s pass cut, Naoyuki Fujita provided a pass to Tatsuhiro Sakamoto on the right side. Sakamoto became 1 on 1 with the opponent's DF and left him with the feint that he is good at, which is from the kick motion of crossing to the middle with his left foot and then dribbling vertically, and crossed with his right foot. This triggered the opponent's own goal. The ball hit the foot of Sho Sasaki, who was marking Ken Tokura who jumped into the near side, and was sucked into the goal.

    After that, Cerezo continued to dominate the game. In 37th minutes, Kiyotake's direct FK hit the crossbar. Unfortunately, it did not become an additional point, but "We had a match that we expected". (Lotina head coach) The first half was a good one.

    It was Cerezo that took the initiative at the beginning of second half. In 50th minutes, Fujita stole the ball at a high position and triggered the short counter. When Kiyotake attracted the opponent and sent a pass to Fujita, Fujita calmly watched GK's movement and poured it into the goal for an additional point. This score was the first goal for Fujita after joining Cerezo.

    Although it seemed that they had more room for the development, they lost one point in 53rd minutes right after they scored the second goal. To a pass that came out at an unexpected timing while losing balance, Matej Jonjić hooked Douglas Vieira's leg and gave a penalty, and he scored this.

    From here on, the game was open development with "a lot of back and forth" (Lotina head coach). In 64th minutes, for Cerezo Sakamoto’s header that reacted to Kiyotake’s cross hit the crossbar. And in 72nd minutes Tokura tenaciously kept the possession and Sakamoto who received the pass from Kiyotake broke in from the side and made a shot. Scoring chances were made by Hiroshima as well, but it was GK Kim Jin Hyeon who stood there. In 73rd minutes and 83rd minutes, he completely blocked the decisive shots of Leandro Pereira. The former was covered with hitting his body that was firmly on the shooting course, and the latter was scratched out with one left hand.

    In the final stages of the game, Cerezo struggled with the attack of Hiroshima, who made full use of the substitution frame of 5 players and strengthened the offense with changes of positions, but kept the lead to the end and won the game. Obtained "Very important and valuable winning 3 points" (Lotina head coach) against a difficult opponent.