J1 Section 3

2020.7.8 (Wed) 18:00


Cerezo OSAKA
  • Okuno (71'), Katayama (85')
Shimizu S-Pulse
0-0 2-0
DAZN オンラインで試合観戦

Match review

  • Won with Okuno's shot of two consecutive matches and Katayama's first J1 goal. Achieved three consecutive wins from season opening and moved to the solo leader!

    After 3 days interval from the 2nd section of Meiji Yasuda Seimei J1 League that had restarted for the first time in about 4 months. Cerezo Osaka returned home and received Shimizu S-Pulse. In this section, a remote match with no spectators at home, the stadium was colored in pink with uniforms and banners, and the chants depending on the game development also flowed to support the players fighting on the pitch.

    Same as the previous section, the players stood in a V-shaped line before the match. They started the game with the aim for three consecutive wins from season opening, and at the beginning, although they were attacked by Shimizu, cleared without rush. Gradually strengthening the press from the front and taking the initiative, in 15th minutes, Yoichiro Kakitani, who cut the pass of the opponent GK, provided to Ken Tokura and they made a scoring chance. In addition, in 16th minutes, Tatsuhiro Sakamoto stole the ball at a high position and connected it with Kakitani and Hiroaki Okuno, and finally Tokura shot again. They could not score here, but Cerezo dominated the match and finished the first half.

    In the second half, since Cerezo’s way of dispossession was bad, they allowed Shimizu to have a fast attack. Although there were several times of critical pinch, they did not allow Shimizu to score with the persistent reaction of defense team. Then, the scoring chance came to Cerezo that got through the suffering time. In 63rd minutes, Kakitani having the opponent on his back in the penalty area sent the ball to Yusuke Maruhashi with heels, and Maruhashi broke the side and calmly passed to Riku Matsuda on the opposite side. Matsuda, without marks, shot as he aimed but it was blocked by a defender.

    In 64th minutes when Cerezo started to have the initiative, Lotina head coach sent Hiroshi Kiyotake instead of Kakitani and Eiichi Katayama instead of Sakamoto. Kiyotake, who was the center of the attack also in the previous section, raised more his attack gear from there. When he swiftly passed and swung the attack tact, he also went by himself and approached the goal. Then the match moved in 71st minutes. Kiyotake's try was blocked by defense, but Maruhashi, who picked up the loose ball in the center of the pitch, carried it by dribbling and made a through pass. Okuno, who came out, calmly shook the net with his left foot from one trap.

    Cerezo, who got the long-awaited opener they wanted, gained an additional point in 85th minutes. Kiyotake passed through two defenses in the center and made a through pass to Yuta Toyokawa, who participated from midway. Katayama picked up the loose ball, that GK flipped to react Toyokawa who came out, and calmly left the defender and made a shot.

    After the end, Cerezo carried the game at their own pace, except for the beginning of second half. After three consecutive wins for the first time in seven years, they emerged as the solo leader.

    After the match, the players greeted in front of the uniforms and the written cheering message on the back stand. They shared the victory with the supporters who remotely cheered up. In the next section the spectators will come back to the stadium.