J1 Section 30

2019.11.2 (Sat) 15:00



Cerezo OSAKA
  • Souza (24')
Matsumoto Yamaga F.C.
  • Sugimoto (62')
1-0 0-1

Match review

  • Advanced the game with Souza’s opener, but lost point in the second half. A regrettable draw.

    2019 Meiji Yasuda Seimei J1 League 30th section, in the home game against Matsumoto Yamaga FC at 17th place, Cerezo Osaka changed one starter from the previous section. Koji Suzuki was named after the Bruno Mendes who had left the wound. This was the first J1 starter for Suzuki. Yusuke Maruhashi and Leandro Desábato, who had been away from the battle for a while, returned to the bench.

    At the beginning, Cerezo struggled to build up in front of Matsumoto's press but went forward without rushing, and gradually began to take off the press turning the ball and controlled by a possession. In 15th minutes, when Hiroaki Okuno went through to Kota Mizunuma’s pass and had a first chance, in 24th minutes, they succeeded the opener.

    When Suzuki held the pass from Kakeru Funaki on the front line, it was connected to Yoichiro Kakitani, Souza, Kakitani, via Matej Jonjić, and Naoyuki Fujita developed to the right side. When Riku Matsuda received Fujita's pass with a message and crossed directly, it was Sousa who reacted in the center. The goal net was shaken by a high hitting heading. It became the best development for Cerezo to score the opener at the time they seized the flow. Although they received Matsumoto's counterattack at the end of first half, they entered the half-time with great content.

    However, changed from the first half, in the second half Cerezo started to be behind to Matsumoto who had changed the way of pressing to the Cerezo’s build-up. GK Kim Jin Hyeon blocked the shot in 54th minutes that Paulinho took back and kicked, but here the given CK’s second ball was picked up by Taro Sugimoto and he was allowed the shot to hit the post directly. When the cloud flow became a little bit suspicious, they lost the goal in 62nd minutes. When Matsumoto was looking for the chance in Cerezo’s turning passes on the final line, they took away the ball provided from Matej Jonjić to Matsuda, and quickly connected to the front, and from Ryu Nagai's keep, Sugimoto scored the shoot at the end.

    Cerezo wanted to change the flow, and in 65th minutes just right after losing point, Maruhashi entered the pitch and activated the attack on the left side. In addition, Lotina head coach sent Toshiyuki Takagi and Atom Tanaka in a row and tried to take one point. During the time period from 80th minutes to the end of the match, the right side of Matsumoto was pushed in again and again with the vertical relationship between Kakitani and Maruhashi, but the last cross did not match. In 90th + 1st minutes, Kakitani turned Souza's cross back, but there were no players jumping in, and in 90th + 4th minutes, Souza entered the penalty area with Maruhashi as one-two, but could not shoot.

    At the end of the game, they aggressively attacked pushing, but could not break the Matsumoto's tenacious defense, and the time was up by 1-1. As Cerezo who wanted to come to the top group with a victory, it was a regrettable draw because they dominantly carried the game with the opener.