J1 Section 29

2019.10.18 (Fri) 19:00


Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo
Cerezo OSAKA
  • Kakitani (6')
0-1 0-0

Match review

  • Protecting Yoichiro Kakitani’s Golazo with a team. Got valuable 3 winning points at away

    The match with Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo getting into the away ground. The starter of Cerezo Osaka had been changed by one player from the previous match against Kashima Antlers. Instead of Yusuke Maruhashi, who left during the game for injury in the previous section, Kakeru Funaki, who started the third game of the season in J1, had been named as the starter.

    When Cerezo took an initiative at the beginning of the game, in 6th minutes, they auspiciously succeeded to score the opener. When Souza cut the opponent's pass, he quickly provided it to the right side. When Riku Matsuda received the pass and threw a diagonal pass, Hiroaki Okuno and Bruno Mendes connected with a good sense of distance and attracted the DF, and finally Yoichiro Kakitani, who received the Okuno’s pass, shot directly. It drew a stunning trajectory that pierced sharply in the right corner of the goal and shook the goal net. In 11th minutes as well, Okuno received the pass from Matej Jonjić and expanded to the right side. Bruno Mendes shot the cross of Kota Mizunuma. Although it was a decisive chance, it was blocked by GK Takanori Sugeno.

    In 27th minutes, Sapporo Akito Fukumori’s FK caught the frame, but Kim Jin Hyeon showed the great response and saved well. Then, in 34th minutes, Okuno, who cut the back pass to GK of the opponent DF, passed to Mizunuma. He received as free and had a great chance, but the shot was blocked by DF and could not score. In the last part of the first half, Cerezo was attacked by Sapporo aggressively, but even with the 7 CKs allowed to give, they did not lose their concentration and finished the first half with a one-point lead.

    In the second half, Cerezo attacked at the beginning, but gradually they were pushed into Sapporo. However, crosses and set plays of Sapporo were cleared by Cerezo's defensive team. In 58th minutes, they were entered to the deeper side position, but Souza blocked the shot from the cross.

    In 63rd minutes, Cerezo had an accident that Bruno Mendes had to change for his left calf injured, but Koji Suzuki who entered as replacement could fit the flow of the game. While holding the ball firmly, they looked for a chance. In 75th minutes, Okuno directly shot the loose ball from CK. Although it flew to an almost frame-in course, it was prevented by Sugano and there was no additional point.

    In the last 15 minutes and the additional time in the second half, although Cerezo was attacked by Sapporo aggressively, they thoroughly blocked the shots and cleared without rush. GK Kim Jin Hyeon also caught the shots firmly and did not give the opponent a chance. Although Cerezo was pushed in, they proceed the clock hands without any risks. However, in 90th + 2nd minutes, they had the biggest pinch in this match. When the cross from the left side is turned back on the far side and shaken, they allowed Musashi Suzuki to head in the center. However, at the end, Matej Jonjić blocked covering with his body and made a strong gut pose.

    The match ended with 1-0. The goal scored by Kakitani in 6th minutes was the final point, and Cerezo won the victory over the previous loss. There are 5 league games remained. “To Aim for a little higher place” (Kakitani) Cerezo fights to the end. It was a victory of this section, which is a big step for that.