J1 Section 28

2019.10.6 (Sun) 15:00



Cerezo OSAKA
Kashima Antlers
  • Inukai (6')
0-1 0-0

Players comment

  • The number of shoots and chances exceeded, but it was a regrettable defeat ... The consecutive wins have stopped at 5.

    In this section, they received the second-placed Kashima Antlers to home stadium, chasing by 6 winning points differences. Cerezo Osaka's starter was the same as the previous game against Gamba Osaka. They challenged with a strong feeling to revenge at home on the opponent who had a disappointing defeat in the previous match.

    It was Cerezo who showed a good game start, but in 6th minutes lost the point from CK. Koki Machida turned back on the far side and Tomoya Inukai scored in the center. From here Cerezo unilaterally attacked holding the ball. When they made chances in 7th and 9th minutes in succession, in 13th minutes, Yoichiro Kakitani came out to Souza's through pass, but the shot was unfortunately blocked by GK. In 17th minutes, Bruno Mendes reacted to Souza’s CK, but slightly out of the frame. In 27th minutes, they had another scoring chance. Bruno Mendes, who took the back of the side from Kota Mizunuma's pass, crossed inside. Hiroaki Okuno jumped in, but the heading couldn't catch the frame.

    As same as the away game, to Cerezo who was far to 1 point even with making chances, in 33rd minutes an accident happened like pouring salt on a wound. During Kashima's FK, Yusuke Maruhashi, who suffered damage from a competition with Machida, was unable to continue playing. Suddenly, Kakeru Funaki prepared and entered the left side back.

    Cerezo constantly attacked Kashima until the end of the first half even under such an emergency. They got several scoring chances like, one for Yasuki Kimoto from Sonza’s FK in 40th minutes, another for Bruno Mendes at the end after connecting the passes in the center in 42nd minutes, and another for Souza from Bruno Mendes’s cross in additional time, however Kashima GK Kwoun Sun Tae showed good saves and they finished the first half staying far from getting 1 point.

    It was Cerezo who wanted to go for attacking in the second half, but they could not make chance scenes like the first half in front of Kashima who got clarification of how to carry the game after the opener and had strengthened their defense. In the 58th minutes, Lotina head coach sent Koji Suzuki on behalf of Kakitani. He became the two-top with Bruno Mendes and Okuno was placed back to the left side half. In 65th minutes, Souza stuck to the side, and Okuno picked up the loose ball and cut into the penalty area but was prevented by the DF tackle. In 70th minutes, from Naoyuki Fujita, the ball was connected through Suzuki, and Bruno Mendes shot but it went in front of GK.

    In 75th minutes, Toshiyuki Takagi was sent instead of Okuno. Lotina had used up three replacement cards but the attacking gear could not be accelerated as expected. The set play that the two-tops of Suzuki and Bruno Mendes gained on the front line did not fit that day. They kicked 12 CKs as a total of the first and second half of the game, but these did not link to the goal in this match.

    Then, in 89th minutes they gave a great chance to Kashima from a counter, but there was nothing with the opponent’s shot mistake. Just right after in 90th minutes, when Riku Matsuda received the side change from Takagi and provided the cross of low and fast trajectory to inside, Bruno Mendes jumped in, but it was not slightly matched and missed the chance to be tie. In 90th + 4th minutes, Suzuki competed and got the ball from GK Kim Jin Hyeon’s kick, and Takagi got behind, but it was blocked by GK by one step and the match ended. After all, the goal in 6th minutes took a heavy hit to the end, and Cerezo's consecutive wins in the league stopped at 5.

    Since they broke the opponent’s defense many times especially in the first half, it came to be a regrettable match like, after the game, all players regretted "If I could score when I could ...". But at the same time, it was also true that they could feel Kashima’s fundamental power like, “Severely they can do ““what they have to do now in each situation”” as whole team” (Mizunuma) There are 6 games left this season. They want to take the harvest and lessons they gained in this section firmly and move on to the next section onwards.