J1 Section 21

2019.8.3 (Sat) 19:00

Ajinomoto Stadium


  • Nagai (47'), Morishige (68'), Diego Oliveira (90+2')
Cerezo OSAKA
0-0 3-0

Match review

  • The first three points loss in this season without breaking FC Tokyo's tight guard. Defeated to the bottom strength of the top position.

    This section was a battle to get in the home of FC Tokyo home, the lead of the league. In the first half, Cerezo Osaka held the ball against the opponent who took the position in their own half. Taking over the game, a big chance came in 11th minutes. Bruno Mendes, who beat DF from the pass of Yasuki Kimoto, took behind and was almost one-on-one to GK, but there was no angle and the shot was blocked by GK. Hiroaki Okuno's shot in response to the loose ball was also blocked by DF.

    In 18th minutes Hiroshi Kiyotake received in a half-space and aimed vigorously for a shot, but it was out the frame. After that, the passing ball turned but it could not break the solid defense of FC Tokyo and did not reach the shot. Before the end of the first half, Bruno Mendes jumped into the cross from Kiyotake who took the back of the right side from Riku Matsuda's pass, but couldn't match it.

    While they could not take the score advancing on the ball holding position, Cerezo did not allow the opponent's fast attack with quick switching even if they lost the ball. Even if they could not take in front, built a block firmly in the back and show the defense as firm as rock.

    Without allowing FC Tokyo to make a scoring chance, the first half ended grabbing a response, but an unexpected pitfall was waiting at the beginning of the second half. In 47th minutes, when FC Tokyo attacked to the deep position, from a cross of Keigo Higashi on the left side, Kensuke Nagai reacted with a header and scored. A battle between the teams with solid defense. They allowed the opening goal that was more important than anything else.

    However, there was still plenty of time left. In 50th minutes Bruno Mendes was the starting point, and Okuno aimed a goal with the header from Kota Mizunuma’s cross, in 56th minutes Lotina head coach sent Yoichiro Kakitani instead of Okuno. In 58th minutes as soon as Kakitani entered, he received the ball before the penalty area and started dribbling. He made chances, and in 61st minutes, aimed the back from Yusuke Maruhashi’s pass and moved vigorously, such as getting a foul. In the 66th minutes, Lotina sent Souza instead of Naoyuki Fujita as the second substituting card. He lay a bet. However, just after in 68th minutes, they allowed the additional point to FC Tokyo from the set play.

    Cerezo tried to break the deadlock somehow while becoming difficult turn. In 75th minutes, Souza's strong middle shot hit GK, then in 78th minutes Kakitani shot responding on near side to the pass from Leandro Desabato who entered the game midway. Even in 81st minutes, Kakitani got close to the Mizunuma’s cross on far side, but it did not hit slightly. Souza's middle shot in 83rd minute was also above the crossbar. While they were struggling to take one point to raise the signal fire of counterattack, in the additional time of the second half, they allowed a third goal to FC Tokyo and the game was decided.

    Although the possession rate and the number of shots exceeded, the wall of FC Tokyo was thick and Cerezo was far from one point until the end. The defense which had got through as the lowest losing points in the league so far, also lost 3 points. It was not a big breakdown, but FC Tokyo took advantage of a few scoring opportunities, and showed their skill in a match. Although there was no difference in the content as the final score, it was defeated by the strength as the lead, FC Tokyo, and Cerezo could not bring back the winning points.