J1 Section 8

2019.4.20 (Sat) 15:00

IAI Stadium Nihondaira


Shimizu S-Pulse
  • Kitagawa (82')
Cerezo OSAKA
0-0 1-0

Match review

  • Although they got dominated in the first half, the one goal was too far to reach, and lost a goal to the opponent from the counter. Cerezo was suffered by consecutive defeats.

    It was the away match against Shimizu S-Pulse, the 8th round of the league match that Cerezo challenged to win for the first time in 3 games. They made two starting member changes from the last match. Tatsuya Yamashita joined as a starting member after 6 games since the 2nd round of Nagoya Grampus match, then Bruno Mendes was put as one-top attacker and that was his starting member debut in the league matches.

    Cerezo boosted ball control from the beginning and waited for an opportunity. In 12th minute, Yamashita linked the ball to Souza then to Yoichiro Kakitani, and Kakitani who was free dribbled. Although he was stopped by a foul, they earned FK, and Souza took the kick. The ball he struck by his right foot with spin headed to the goal, however just missed and side-netted. They had another chance from a corner-kick in 19th minute. A short kick was taken, then Souza made a shot to the pass from Hiroshi Kiyotake, that hit a Shimizu’s defender and changed the course towards the goal, but stopped by GK Yuji Rokutan. In 24th minute, Riku Matsuda made a cross to Souza’s pass from the other side, also in additional time of the 1st half Yusuke Maruhashi made a cross, and Bruno Mendes jumped in for the both time, but his headers couldn’t catch the frames.

    Although it was the first half Cerezo was controlling, there was a scene of attacked by Shimizu from a pass error in the middle part too. But GK Kim Jin-hyeon displayed his superb saves, Yasuki Kimoto who is from Shimizu’s local Fuji-shi threw his body to defend, and not allowed Shimizu to score. In 38th minute, Kim Jin-hyeon also saved the shot by Jong Tae-Se who received a pass from Koya Kitagawa and cleared the defence.

    Into the 2nd half, Cerezo strengthened their stance on attack even further. They managed to break through Shimizu’s left side in succession, and in 51st minute, had a decisive chance by CK. Yamashita collapsed with a defender at far-side to Kiyotake’s CK, the loosen ball was picked by Kakitani and he made a shot. Yamashita again got tangled with a defender and got into melee, and Matej Jonjic got the ball. He was at very short distance from the goal, however got into his foot too much and surrounded by defence, his shot was ineffective and caught by GK.

    Miguel Lotina, the manager, sent attackers onto the pitch, Ken Tokura in 71st minute and Atomu Tanaka in 76the minute. ‘We will get a goal and take the 3 winning points back to home at all costs.’ That substitutions were made with such intension, however, like the last game, the distance to the one goal was far in this match too. And a pitfall was waiting in 82nd minute. GK Rokutan punched Souza’s powerful FK, though Kakitani got the loose ball, the soft cross he made was caught by Rokutan.

    That triggered Shimizu’s counter. Elsinho reacted to Rokutan’s kick and ran through behind. Kim Jin-hyeon ran over there but couldn’t touch the ball. Then Elsinho sent a cross to the middle that went down to the side and looked going out, however Kitagawa of Shimizu who didn’t give in and kept running, managed to shoot from no angle and executed a goal. In the 2nd half, Cerezo allowed Shimizu only 2 shots, the 2nd one of those shots was executed and lost a goal.

    In 85th minute, as they sent Toshiyuki Takagi on the pitch, Cerezo changed the system to 4-4-2 and tried to fight back, but it was too late then time’s up. Even though they possessed ball well, couldn’t reach to the execution, then lost a goal in the defence matter at the end. it became a disappointing defeat for Cerezo.