J1 Section 33

2018.11.24 (Sat) 14:00



Cerezo OSAKA
Kashiwa Reysol
  • Nakayama (53'), Esaka (58'), Cristiano (84')
0-0 0-3

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    “As I spoke at the ceremony after the game, I have nothing to talk about here. However, I would like to thank our supporters who have encouraged us for two years. For the last game, we would like to fight at our best as today was disappointing. I suppose that my players are also frustrated by the result. I would like them to prepare well for the next game which is held next week.”

    Q: At the ceremony after the game, a banner expressing supporters’ appreciation was raised alongside the chants. How did you feel about that?
    “ It reminds me of the time when I was a player. I often received encouragement from my fans. So, I appreciate that they called my name again. Whenever I saw supporters who were cheering me, I always thought that we have to win. I am frustrated that we could not do it. That said, I am glad to see and hear their cheers. Although I am the first alumnus manager, I think that I have done a good job (ahaha…)”

    Q2: How was the two years for you?
    “ It was good because I got the first title as a manager, which gave me confidence that I can manage any team as long as I focus on it. Whether players play well or poorly, if the team can do their best, they will develop. That is what I feel.”

Players comment

  • ■Hotaru Yamaguchi

    Q: Probably, you wanted to display the best performance that you have established under Mr Yoon for two years at the last home game of this season?
    “ Yes, I was desperate for that. As he gave us everything and led us to get good results. I wished to show our best but we could not. It is shameful. I would like to apologize him for our poor performance. Mr Yoon tends to blame bad results on himself, so that we had to win. It is our responsibility.”

    Q: At the ceremony after the game, you were at a loss for words. Were you emotional?
    “I was ashamed that we were not able to display our best, and I will miss him very much as Mr Yoon, who led us to win many times, is leaving. We must show the best performance at the last game.”

    Q: What did you learn from him most during the two years?
    “Passion about a win. In the last season, I learned that you need to defend, while the team has many attackers. There were many games that we needed to play patiently. The persistence is what I learned from him. Personally, being in the same position as the manager played, I have learned a lot.

    ■Kenyu Sugimoto

    Q: For Mr Yoon, it was the last home game. How was the two years for you?
    “ I had bad times and good times as a team and as individual, but, all in all, it was a fantastic time for me and I grew up. Now, almost everything is memory. I would like to finish this season with a victory. Having a good result in the last season, I tried to make it much better, but it ended with an unpleasant result. Perhaps, I had blown my own trumpet the most amongst the players, which is why I need to improve. However, the season has not yet finished, so I would like to win the last game.”