J1 Section 32

2018.11.10 (Sat) 14:00



Cerezo OSAKA
  • Sugimoto (55'), Yamamura (90+4')
Kawasaki Frontale
  • Ienaga (90')
0-0 2-1

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    “First of all, I would like to send my congratulations to Kawasaki for their 2nd consecutive title victory of the league. Prior to the match, I questioned our players on how they would perform at today’s game, and they showed their best performance like they used to. There were quite a few errors, however they tolerated well until the end, didn’t miss the chances, then acquired this result. The best thing about today’s game was that we could feel our best time we used to be. It’s so important for us to link this victory to the next match. I hope we made our many fans and supporters happy too. We have so many fans and supporters come to the stadium for us at every single game, and I was sorry that we couldn’t provide them with victories like we did today. We just keep believing that things are getting better at all the time. Kawasaki’s having the ceremony for their victory right now, and I believe we will have a day like that in the future.”

Players comment

  • ■ Kazuya Yamamura

    Q: Your first goal of the season became the dramatic decisive goal of the match. Please think back at the scene of the goal?
    “The ball hit an opponent (with wry smile), but I’m very happy I scored. I had some games with chances but couldn’t finish off, and today’s match was a home game that we must win because it decided Kawasaki Frontale’s league victory, so I’m glad we won.”

    Q: As the team too, from the 1st half, you guys played with disciplines, and never gave in until the last whistle was blown?
    “That’s right. Because we played as a solid team from the 1st half, we had chances to score in the 2nd half. We must continue this attitude to the future games, I think it’s the absolutely necessary element to win.”

    ■ Kenyu Sugimoto

    Q: It was your 1st goal after a while, can you please think back about the opener?
    “The ball from Atomu (Tanaka) was superb, so I had the vision of shooting when I actually received the ball. It was the 1st goal to score for me after a while, that I was so longing for, so my thought towards today’s game was very strong. I really didn’t want to lose. We won the match, and also Kawasaki Frontale secured their victory, and as (Kawasaki is) the club I used to play and inspired me so much, I would like to shout them congratulations on their victory.”

    Q: Did you feel good at the moment of scoring the goal?
    “I felt good, but at the same time the thought of ‘we would still receive the massive attacks from them’ crossed my mind, and that put me off a bit (with wry slime). But, so happy to win.”

    Q: The last 2 league matches were very tough ones, but it seems you had a good battle with high concentration today?
    “Yes. We played soccer like this against Kawasaki, and we won the games like we did today at the final of Levain Cup in the last season and also at the Zerox Super Cup this year. Today’s match reminded us once again, the feeling of how we used to play, defended together and attacked together. We only have 2 more matches to play, and I want to win both.”