J1 Section 29

2018.10.6 (Sat) 14:00



Cerezo OSAKA
Gamba Osaka
  • Ademilson (45')
0-1 0-0

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    “ I can not find any words to say. We gave a poor performance even though many fans came to the stadium and created a good vibe. As the result was shocking, it can’t sink in. my players fought hard until the end of the game. We need to do something to win at next Osaka derby. We will prepare well and work hard for the rest of the games.”

Players comment

  • ▪️ Hotaru Yamaguchi

    “ The start was good, but, later on, Gamba kept their pace, which led us to concede the opening goal. It was a shameful. But for their goal, we could have won the game with a better performance in the second half.”

    Q: In the first half, you created many chances. Is your challenge to score a goal?
    “ Without a key forward, Kenyu Sugimoto or Yoichiro Kakitani, it was hard for us to score goals. But we needed to make the most of the available players to achieve it. During the coming long interval, we need to reflect upon the past games to play the next 6 games with a positive attitude. We will do our best at every single game.”

    ▪️Kazuya Yamamura

    Q: How is your injured left hand ?
    “ It’s not good, according to my trainer.”

    Q: Even so, you were a starting member. Did you talk with manager and trainers? Did you consider the importance of the game?
    “ I wanted to play well, but could not. It is regrettable. For the team, we had some decisive chances at the beginning of the first half, but missed them, which led Gamba to gain their pace. Our incompetence, not being able to turn a chance to a goal, has caused poor results, so we need to train hard.

    Q: In the second half, do you think that Gamba Osaka’s defensive play was soild?
    “ Gamba Osaka is a strong team. In fighting such opponents, the team who scores the first goal tends to go well, keeping a good flow. That is why we should have not allowed them to score the opener, which made the game much harder for us.”