J1 Section 24

2018.8.25 (Sat) 19:00

Yanmar Stadium Nagai


Cerezo OSAKA
Sanfrecce Hiroshima
  • Inagaki (19')
0-1 0-0

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    We went through 12 consecutive games, which were long, but it passed so quickly. During the period, we probably made many fans disappointed rather than giving joy. That said, my players did their best despite being in a busy schedule. I expected to have a tough game today, even so, the players fought with spirit and patience until the end. Not being good in the first half, we had to chase the game in the second half. Consequently, the result was not good. In order to improve our performance, we need to work hard and convert our passion to win on the pitch. A long interval is coming soon, during which we need to have a good rest. The past 12 games’ results were not always good, so we will have good preparation for the future games.

Players comment

  • ◾Kim Jin-hyeon

    Q: In the second half, you cleared their dangerous shots many times.
    “ After conceding a goal, we should not allow them the second goal, which is crucial for us. When conceding 2 goals, it will be tough for us. That is what I think at every game. Today I managed to save the second goal, but it is not always successful. The recent games show that we were likely to concede a goal after the opponents lurked at the far post, which we need to tackle.

    Q: When Patric was one on one with you, you managed to save his shot. Did you make a feint?
    “ Not only Patric’s shot, but also other players passes came behind our defenders, and I had to move forward to clear their shots. As it has occurred many times, we need to consider our tactics. Every player needs to help each other because I cannot always mange to save it. Otherwise, opponents will exploit it and I will face the same situation at every game.”

    Q: How did you find Hiroshima’s strength? You fought against a top ranking team, didn't you?
    “ Hiroshima made a better preparation. They put our ball holder under pressure, and when we tried to attack the side, they pressed quickly, which interrupted our attack.”

    ◾Hiroshi Kiyotake
    “ As the game was at Hiroshima’s pace, I was thinking about how to change the flow. But, we had some chance despite having Patric’s counter attack, which Kim Jin-hyeon, Hotaru Yamaguchi and Kimoto blocked. It was a shame that we did not make the most of the chance. In the first half, Toshiyuki Takagi, Kenyu Sugimoto and I were not close enough, which made us feel uncomfortable. In the second half, Toshiyuki and I were closer to Sugimoto, which resulted in better attacks, but it ended up with no goal.”