J1 Section 22

2018.8.15 (Wed) 19:00

Kincho Stadium


Cerezo OSAKA
  • Sugimoto (37'), Souza (64'), Takagi (68')
Shimizu S-Pulse
  • Crislan (40')
1-1 2-0

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    “It was a long way to victory. We had many supporters from right at the entrance of the stadium, and they made a great atmosphere for us. Though we were caught up once in the 1st half, we gained our strength back by the loud cheering from the many people. And that led us to the today’s victory. We remembered the away match that we lost against Shimizu a month ago, and got ready for the fight back to ‘definite win’ today. We faced the team who play with 4 backs today, a little struggled with lack of quick move in the 1st half, but moved better in the 2nd half with good linking. Then we scored from our forte for the set-piece. Then we carried on with good defence while we were ahead of them, and kept attacking. All our players expressed their eagerness ‘to win’ and the challenging attitude on the pitch. It’s important for us to not waste this victory, and link it to the next match. I hope all the lads keep that spirit and go for the coming matches. The series of the games will still continue, so we’ll continue our hard working to prepare well, and face the next game.”

Players comment

  • ■ Kenyu Sugimoto

    Q: Please look back at your scoring moment?
    “Kiyo (Hiroshi Kiyotake) gave me a good pass. He knew I was there, what a reliable guy he is.”

    Q: Are you pleased, or rather relieved, maybe?
    “It wasn’t only for me if I score or not, but I’ve been thinking about the team to win and that was the top thing, so I’m glad to win today.”

    Q: According to the way you celebrated after you scored the goal, you must had so stressed up before?
    “Yeah, that’s right (laughter). It’s true I couldn’t score for a while, and I was told by my team mates ‘Aren’t you ready now to score today?’, so I couldn’t hide my feeling (laughter).”

    Q: It was the same in the last season, but when you score, it seems to make the team’s spirit high up.
    “Yes. To be honest, it can be anyone to score goals, but it also true that by me scoring goals it seems to bring the team’s momentum, so not only for this match but I would like to continue to score goals.”

    Q: It looked like the team struggled a bit to create the attacking form in the 1st half, how did you rebuild it in the 2nd half?
    “1st of all, by one pass error led us to lose a goal even though we were dominant as number, and that made the players at back nervous, so we said in the half-time break ‘Let’s re-set. It’s just made us back to the start line again. We can win when the tops score a goal.’. We said ‘move with flow’, then Kiyo, Toshi (Toshiyuki Takagi) and I, the 3 of us said ‘let’s play conscious with our distance to each other’. I think we can do even better, it’s getting there, so I want to continue the way we played.”

    ■ Hiroshi Kiyotake

    “It was very difficult to break through in the 1st half because the opponent observed us well. It could be better if we could tolerate better in the 1st half, however it was still 1-1, I believed that we would be able to play with our pace in the 2nd half, and that brought us today’s result.”

    Q: Please tell us about your assist to Sugimoto?
    “I was only aware of defences’ and Kenyu’s movements, and he created good pace and executed the great goal. His goal scoring makes the team’s spirit high, so it’s great that he scored for the team too. The one victory will lead us to more wins, I have very good feeling from now onward. We shouldn’t satisfy by one victory, and want to keep challenging.”