J1 Section 20

2018.8.5 (Sun) 19:00

Best Amenity Stadium


Sagan Tosu
  • Yoshida (15')
Cerezo OSAKA
1-0 0-0

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    I am disappointed in our loss today although many fans came all the way to the stadium. My players fought hard until the end of the game and created some chances but could not turn them into a goal. It is shameful. What important for us is to regain confidence and overcome this circumstance. There are more games to go. We will switch our minds and move on for the next game.

Players comment

  • ■Kenyu Sugimoto

    I have not contributed to the team as much as last year. I need to improve and work hard for the coming games. If the forward can’t score a goal, we can’t win. I wish I could have made the most of the chances. What we need next is to find why we can’t turn a chance to a goal, including technical problems. I would like to display a better performance at the forthcoming game.

    ■Hiroshi Kiyotake

    I expected that the second half would be more offensive. We need to reset the tactics for the first half. The past consecutive defeats were caused by the same mistakes, which still affect our performances negatively. That is why we play nervously. I want to clear my head in order to focus on what we have to do. The loss is disappointing, but I need to switch my mind for the oncoming matches.


    We dominated the most of the time. We allowed Tosu to create some chances. But, all in all, we got more chances and performed better, despite of conceding a brilliant goal. We kept playing offensively with a great effort of the forward. However, you can’t always reap the reward. That is football. So, even with this result, I am proud of my team who played with a lot of spirit.

    ■Yasuki Kimoto

    Q: What do you make of the corner kick that you conceded, and gave away a goal?
    I was not sure what to do because of some options in my mind, such as passing or trapping the ball. Mu Kanazaki was also approaching me, aiming to press. With many options, my decision was not made clearly, which led to the mistake. I blamed myself for such a defensive blander, which made the team feel down. It was a horrendous mistake, which thrashed my team. I will work hard not to do it again.