J1 Section 19

2018.8.1 (Wed) 19:00

Kincho Stadium


Cerezo OSAKA
  • Own goal (40')
Vissel Kobe
  • Own goal (73')
1-0 0-1

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    “We had so many supporters who came over for us today, and I feel sorry for them about the result. I believe it’s betting better gradually. And the players are very conscious about it too. There were some good things and also bad things. We need a victory to change the current situation, and the lads are trying the things they have to do to win at the moment. It is getting better. If we can be mentally stronger, then we will be able to gain our style back like we used to. We have to have a good perseverance mind, be tenacious and patient; this is the time we have to be positive. We will work hard and prepare well for the next match that’s coming very soon.”

Players comment

  • ■ Kim Jinhyeon

    Q: Although the opponent held the ball for a rather long time, you guys weathered well and scored the opening goal. Don’t you think you might be able to make the pace for you to win?
    “Yes. Both in the 1st half and 2nd half, when we had the ball we passed well and created chances to finish, and when we lost the ball we switched quickly. Also we had an instruction from the coach that if we found it difficult to catch the ball at top then to get back and defend well. We were very conscious about it and played well, so it was very regrettable we lost a goal while we were leading 1-0 and making a good effort on defending.”

    Q: By looking back whole game, did you guys play the way the manager was seeking?
    “I think we did but we must play for the result, and also lately we are allowing to be scored against, so we must strain for keeping a clean sheet. Especially as GK, because we are scoring at the moment, I really want to keep the game with no goal by the opponent. I will keep my sprit high, and face games one by one.”

    Q: Though you had a great save Kim Jin-hyeon, you lost a goal by an own-goal…?
    “When the way of losing the ball is a bad way, or you lose the ball while you are preparing to go forward, you lose extra energy and also increase the risk. In the recent games, the way we lose the ball beyond the half-line is bad, so if we can sort it out and play better, it’ll be not only a physical help but also prevent to lose goals, therefore we all must become more conscious about it and play. They probably are already aware of it, but should be even more conscious, otherwise it’ll be physically harder for us.”

    Q: You received a bouquet to celebrate for 200 appearances in J1 league games before the match started. How do you feel about the number 200?
    “Now I have to aim the 300 games, so this is the start of another precious 100 games. I would like to maintain my good performance until the 300th game, will keep learning from the rivals, and work hard to appear in 300 games.”