J1 Section 17

2018.7.22 (Sun) 19:00

Yanmar Stadium Nagai


Cerezo OSAKA
  • Takagi (8')
Urawa Reds
  • Koroki (78')
1-0 0-1

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    We had the first home game after long interval. Many fans encouraged us, but the result was disappointing. We conceded a goal and ended up with a 1-1 draw.
    However, compared to the last game, as every player made a good preparation, we were able to display a better performance. I d’ like to pay credit to my players for patience and great effort in the hot weather. Most importantly, we have changed for the better since the Shimizu game. That is what we needed to keep. Whenever we win, the mood gets better. It means that victory is crucial for us to keep good mood. With my players’ passions, I believe that we will get over this hardship soon.

Players comment

  • ■Kenyu Sugimoto

    Q: The opening was better than the last game?
    “Before the game, we talked within the team that we should press forward from the kick off. I am shamed not to score one more goal when I had the chance.”

    Q: Was the late second half?
    “ Yes. Also, one more change arrived at the last minutes before the end of the game. It's hard to score a goal, which disappoints me.”

    Q: You had five shots in the last game and 6 shots today we’ve seen. It looks close to a goal.
    “ Everyone who watched the games has the same thought as yours, including me. I would like to catch up by scoring more goals.”

Match review

  • After Shimizu game, Cerezo displayed remarkable recovery. Toshiyuki Takagi’s goal saved Cerezo.

    One minute after the kick-off, Hotaru Yamaguchi jumped out to send Fukumitsu’s pass to the front of the goal post, where Kenyu Sugimo met it with his header, which went wide. Soza and Takagi attempted on the 4th minute and the 7th minute. On the 8th minute, Cerezo scored the opening goal. Sugimoto attempted a middle range shot from outside the box, which was parried by the Urawa goalkeeper, Shusaku Nishikawa. It brought Cerezo a chance for a corner kick. However, Nishikawa parried Souza’s inswinging cross, but Takagi picked up the deflected ball and prodded it home. Soon after that, No13, Takagi, who belonged to Urawa for the last three years, dashed straight to the Cerezo bench to share his joy with the other members.

    Cerezo’s defense appeared to play better than the last game against Shimizu, as a combination of Kazuya Yamamura and Sugimoto was newly installed as a 2 uptop. They played a high-line to get the second ball. Prior to the game, Maruhashi commented: “ We will play compact and take an advantage for that. ” On the 16th minute, another chance arrived. After Maruhashi’s cross, Yamamura chested the ball, split the defenders and dribbled to the goalpost, which went wide.

    On the 36th minute, Urawa’s new player, Fabricio’s shot nearly hit the net, but the Cerezo goalkeeper brilliantly saved it. During the first half, Urawa held possession for some time, but Cerezo never gave away any chance to the opponents. In the first half, Cerezo managed to take the lead with a clean sheet.

    In the second half, Cerezo took the first chance. On the 46th minute,
    The waiting Fukumitsu at an opposite side chested a long ball from Takagi, and dropped it to allow Matsuda to pick it up. He delivered a cross to find Sugimoto in the centre, but was saved by Nishikawa. Cerezo wrecked a decisive chance to extend their lead.

    Late on, Urawa kept the ball and threatened over and over. Hard time continued, with Takagi admitting that after an interception, we could not make the most of the chance.” However, Yoon’s instruction given during a break, “Play patiently” kept them strong, and never allowed Urawa to score any goals. On the 78th minute, an Urawa’s set play, their strong arsenal, equalized against Cerezo.

    During additional-time, Cerezo continued to chase the game with the hope of more goals. Just before the whistle was blown, Mateji Jonjic met Maruhashi’s cross with his header, and it hit the cross bar, Sugimoto picked the loose ball, blasted a shot, which was saved by Nishikawa. The game ended with a 1-1 draw.