J1 Section 5

2018.3.31 (Sat) 19:00

Kincho Stadium

Cerezo OSAKA
  • Yang (13'), Sugimoto (86')
Shonan Bellmare
  • Okamoto (36')
1-1 1-0

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    “First of all, I am so happy to be able to savour the victory again after a while. We’ve been preparing very hard for last 2 weeks, and had the result out of it. The most important thing was to maintain high concentration. Also, I could see their eagerness until the end. In the 1st half, when they had the counter goal to make the game draw, the mood changed a little bit, but I’m obliged to the lads for scoring another goal in the 2nd half and won. We will have some 11 matches from now on, and I am glad to be victorious at the 1st game of the series of battles. We have so many people come along to support us all the time, and I am happy that we could satisfy them today. Within this tight schedule, there are a few injured players too, however, for the next 2 months, we will do our best we can do to produce good results.”

Players comment

  • ■ Kenyu Sugimoto
    Q: Please look back your scoring scene?
    “I was going to run to the side, and went through very well. Then when I turned back, I knew the defender would come forward, so made him come in front of me and shifted the position. I was thinking to strike the ball as hard as I could. Then when I looked inside, I saw the course to shoot. I aimed well at far.”
    Q: Can you explain how you got rid of the defender?
    “It came up into my head as an imagination when I received the ball, and I did it as just I imagined, so I felt great when it worked (laughter), but I still had to score, so, glad to be able to execute the goal. The best thing is that our team won. The victory, eventually (laughter).”
    Q: You were a substitute today?
    “I had no problem with my condition and ready to start as a substitute or a starting member. It’s up to the manager, and he decided me to start from middle of the game. However, to be honest, I was a bit gutted about not to be a starting member, and that made me wanted more to contribute to the victory, so I am glad I could.”
    Q: Though it was the 1st chance for you, you handled it very cool.
    “I didn’t even touch the ball at all until then. So I was told off badly by Kota (Mizunuma). He said ‘What the heck you are doing, by joining later!’ So I thought I had to score a goal. It was like that. (laughter)”
    Q: It’s the 1st victory of the league in this season.
    “It was nice I scored the goal, but made me feel even better to win as the team. We will have series of matches from now on, and we had a good start.”

    ■ Toshiyuki Takagi
    “I think it was good that we had the result we wanted.”
    Q: We saw you were sending very effective balls to sides?
    “I had an instruction by the manager, he said don’t stay at the same side but change the sides quickly and attack from there. So I was aware of that instruction, and sent those balls simply as I saw our guys.”
    Q: The ball to Mizunuma was so close.
    “My cross was slightly too high, and also the goalkeeper came up, so that was very difficult ball.”
    Q: How do you take today’s victory as the series of matches are coming up?
    “After a break, we won the match that would link to the next, I think it’s good and should bring the good mood back to the team.”

    ■ Yusuke Maruhashi
    “We managed to earn the 3 winning points. We played well until our 1st goal, but then toned down to the opponent’s pace afterward. It might be lack of press, the reason we lost a goal.”
    Q: But you won!
    “I don’t think we played well, but it was good to win at home, and earned the 3 winning points.”
    Q: Your view to the forthcoming series of matches?
    “Hope the win makes us ride on momentum.”