2018.2.10 (Sat) 13:35

Saitama Stadium 2002


Cerezo OSAKA
  • Yamaguchi (26'), Kiyotake (48'), Takagi (78')
Kawasaki Frontale
  • Kobayashi (51'), Okubo (90'+2)
1-0 2-2

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    I am pleased that my team won the first official match this season. Without long holidays and with a training period, every player kept focusing on playing. They displayed what to improve upon during the season. I do not know what 's going to happen this year, but as a start, it was not bad. We could play the game well thanks to many supporters and their encouragement. We will work hard to display our good performances. I would like to give an opportunity not only to the starting 11 but also to other players to contribute to win a match. The ACL is just around the corner, so I would like the players to have a quick recovery to make a good preparation.

Players comment

  • ■Hotaru Yamaguchi

    It was a good result for us. From the kick-off, I think that we did what we had to do despite that we were pressed hard as the game went on. But today, the opponents did not dominate the entire game. In this way, it was good. Newly transferred players did very well, which made us play comfortably, and give us good options.

Match review

  • Hotaru Yamagtuchi! Hiroshi Kiyotake! Toshiyuki Takagi! Good starts! Cerezo sails through with deft 3 goals

    "FUJI XEROX SUPER CUP" is a prelude for arrival of new season The 2017 Emperor Cup champions, Cerezo beat Kawasaki Frontale, who are the 2017 J league champions, 3-2 to grab the first win of the 2018 season.

    The game went on at Cerezo's pace from a kick-off. They created consecutive chances on the 2nd minute, 5th minute and 7th minute, displaying rhythmical passing orbited with Hiroshi Kiyotake and Yoichiro Kakitani on left flank. On the 19th minute, Kenyu Sugimoto tapped a ball down with his heel to pick out Kakitani, who placed it but it went wide. Cerezo promptly switched offensive play to defensive to not allow Kawasaki F any chance for attack. Shortly afterwards, on the 26th minute, Cerezo made the opening goal. The goal is the one which Kiyotake commented later that it was scored in a fantastic way. How was it created? Kazuya Yamamura and Kota Mizunuma broke down the side, Sugimoto did a first touch with his sole of a foot, and turned it away. The dropped ball was shot by Yamaguchi, who dashed from the behind. Late on, Cerezo allowed Kawasaki F to posses the ball, but never gave them any decisive chances thanks to Yamaguchi's pressing back and Mateij Jonjic's solid defence, which shielded Kawasaki F at the centre line.

    Soon after half time, Yoshito Okubo and Ryota Oshima were sent on, while Cerezo sent Yang dong Hyun for Kakitani. Who first succeeded in the substitution tactics was Cerezo. On the 48th minute. Yang Dong Hyun intercepted a ball from Kim Jinhyon, Behind Yang, Sugimoto waited to pick it up. Yang headed it forwards, Kiyotake swept pass the defenders, and calmly struck the net, facing one-to-one with the goalkeeper.

    Soon, Cerezo conceded a goal from a penalty kick, but stubbornly kept their pace. On the 68th minute, Yang dong Hyun headed in a cross from Matsuda from close range. In the 72nd minute, Yang Dong Hyun hacked from outside of the box. It went wide, but it proved how passionate he was. On the 74th minute, a big chance arrived to Cerezo. Cerezo pressed and started a counter attack. Sugimoto hit a cross from Toshiyuki Takagi but it went over the bar. The decisive moment was squandered. On the 78th minute, Yang Dong Hyun performed a fantastic through pass to Takagi, in desperation to make up for giving the penalty kick to Kawasaki. Takagi placed it calmly, which led Cerzo to double their lead.

    Takagi eventually made his first goal after transferring to Cerezo. Raptured players ran out of the bench to dash to Takagi for a celebration, who was pointing out his number on back to gather the fans attentions. At the post-match interview, he shyly revealed the reason he did so with stating that he wanted the supporters to remember my name "

    Just before the end of the game, Okubo scored a goal, which changed the goal difference from 2 to 1. That said, in terms of quality, Cerezo outplayed as a whole. Manager Yoon commented that my players made me find the issues we have to solve throughout this season. However, As a start, it was not bad. Cerezo aims to build their attacking quality on "solid defence by hard work " which was the last season's target. Today, Cerezo presented not only their performance but also new goal to achieve.