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Cerezo Osaka (Spanish)

The cherry blossom is the flower of Osaka City as well as a representative flower of Japan, and is known throughout the world through the song “Sakura Sakura.”

When we named our team, we selected the cherry blossom and translated it into Spanish as “Cerezo,” which has a nice ring to it for a team name, feeling that the name “Cerezo Osaka” would be appropriate for a team that would represent Japan and strive to make great progress toward the world arena from its hometown of Osaka City.

On the occasion of the opening of Kansai International Airport, we also pinned our hopes on the campaign, “OSAKASAKASO,” in which our team would become a symbol which could be associated with the cherry blossom through its name, and which would represent Osaka City and Japan.


As professionals, we will provide gripping soccer entertainment.
We aim as a body of athletes to serve as a source of pride and role models for adults and children to emulate.



Our emblem represents the trinity of the Osaka Football Club, the local community and football, with an image of a cherry blossom, stripes symbolizing rivers in the Aquapolis Osaka, and the “wolf,” one of our team characters placed next to them.
The crown at the center and the thorns outside represent respectively the “confidence” to someday reign supreme in the football world as champions, and a “solid defense.”


  • 画像:ロビー

    Our main team character is a wolf, an animal that is intelligent and quick-witted with the power to unite and hunt in a group.
    His official name is “Noble Valiente Hache Lobito de Cerezo,” which is Spanish for a noble and brave “son of a wolf” from Cerezo, a family of good lineage. His nickname is Lobby.

  • 画像:マダム・ロビーナ

    This is Lobby’s mother, who supports her son and Cerezo Osaka enthusiastically and sometimes strictly.
    Her official name is “Elegante Esplendida Madam Lobina de Cerezo,” which is Spanish for an elegant and splendid “Madam wolf” from Cerezo, a family of good lineage. Her nickname is Madam Lobina.

Activity Policy

Corporate philosophy

We offer the public dreams and joy through sports.

Activity objectives

We strive to promote sports among citizens and serve the community through activities centering around professional football matches.

  1. Development of Cerezo Osaka into a universally popular team that represents both Osakans and all of Japan
  2. Provision of opportunities for public participation in sporting events and community sport promotion
  3. Enhancement of the technical level of football in the region, through the training of instructors
  4. Diverse sports club management and community service

Community service

Osaka Football Club Co., Ltd. has been established as a corporation that “offers dreams and joy through sports.” In accordance with our corporate philosophy, and based on our future vision, we wish to donate part of our profits to social activities that serve the general public.

We count among such activities the provision of a wide range of participatory sporting events to the general public, the development of systems and facilities better suited to sports and cultural pursuits, the improvement of the natural environment and facilities in Osaka City, to transform the City into a verdurous hometown enlivened by sports ( sports forest); we are doing this by, for example, donating cherry tree seedlings, associated with the name of the team Cerezo, which means cherry tree in Spanish.

Ideas for our activities constantly grow, as does our dream of making Cerezo Osaka Japan’s No.1 team.

Cerezo Osaka 10-year Plan

Offering dreams and joy though sports.

Cerezo Osaka 10-year Plan

  1. Establishment of football culture in Osaka and provision of a wide range of participatory sporting events to the general public
  2. Groundwork for community service and grassroots team identity
  3. League victory

J League 100-year Plan

Eatablishing conditions under which people of all ages, including the handicapped, can enjoy sports, may take a very long time, maybe 50 or even 100 years.
With this in mind, we are determined to pursue our activities from the long-term perspective, in the hope that football clubs with a strong community identity will be created across Japan.
Our determination is expressed in the “100-year Plan,” that aims to create a lively sports culture.