Yanmar Stadium Nagai

Cerezo OSAKA's home is the newly opened Nagai Stadium.

Nagai Stadium Address: 1-1, Nagai Koen, Higashi-Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka
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22 minutes by subway from Umeda, Central Osaka City

Superseats in the Main Stand center

In the middle of the Main Stand, Superseats are provided for those who reserve seats thoughout the year to watch Cerezo OSAKA matches. The large roof provides good protection, assuring carefree viewing even in bad weather. High-grade Superseats are ideal for viewing matches with family and friends, and for entertaining business associates.

Designed to become an international Mecca of sporting events

Nagai Stadium will be the venue of the World Cup 2002 and, if Osaka City wins the bid, the 2008 Olympic Games. Nagai Stadium will bring the world closer to Osaka though sports as an international mecca of sporting events.

Nagai Stadium is designed out of consideration for all : easily accessible slopes to spectator seats,seats reserved for the hearing impaired, Braille information boards,etc.

Japan's largest stadium screen

Nagai Stadium is equipped with a 9.3m * 24.8 m projection screen, the largest in Japan, to bring vivid images of the event to all corners of the spectator stands. Optical fiber equipment enables simultaneous TV relay broadcasting of international events to 100 countries.

KINCHO Stadium

CEREZO OSAKA's Home Stadium is KINCHO Stadium (Yanmar Stadium Nagai), a ball game stadium with a capacity of 20,500 seats. KINCHO Stadium is located in Nagai Park.

KINCHO Stadium Location: 1-1 Nagai-koen, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka 546-0034, Japan
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Within several minutes walk from JR and subway stations, you can easily access KINCHO Stadium, located in Nagai Park, home to several other sports facilities.

KINCHO Stadium enables you to enjoy games up close and personal. The shortest distance between the pitch and stand is just 7 meters. Watch dynamic games and players right before your eyes in a spirited atmosphere where massed fans enthusiastically root for their teams.

Shibakaburi seats (pitch-side seats) are set in the front row of the "back stand" seating area (the side opposite the press/broadcasting seating area). Enjoy exciting games in these premium seats, where you can feel as if you are almost on the field with the players.