J1 vs Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“Though we scored early in the game, we lost a goal soon after, so it became a regrettable match. We faced the game with 3 backs, that was the first time with that formation for us, but the players worked out very well and played well for both defence and offence. We created many chances today. Though we are struggling to score, they showed good linking at attack. Also at defence, they were very strict on risk management. I feel very sorry that we cannot satisfy those many people who’s been supporting us. We will keep working hard for the series of matches coming forward by concentrating and preparing well.”

Q: It seems 3-4-2-1 formation that you used again since the match for Suruga Bank Championship was working well. Did you use it because of the system of Consadole Sapporo, or will you continue to do for future games too?
“Because we have some injured players, I brought this system in to maximise our current available players’ play. I thought not only about defence but also the way for attacking, then decided this system. It’s not because of Sapporo. Hopefully, we would be able to use both systems (with 4-4-2), then it’ll give us more strategical choices, so I would like to try this system again.”

Q: Although the result was draw, it was an away game and Cerezo was dominated, so it could be a more meaningful draw, may be?
“It’s not only for us, but for any teams that including Sapporo, the result of soccer game is decided by if you can execute when you have a chance. All players have desire to execute but it doesn’t work at all the time, and that make them feeling under the pressure. In our team, especially Kenyu (Sugimoto), he has some chances at every matches but keep failing, so he is probably feeling psychological pressure. If all the players can finish when the chance come, we will be able to change the flow to good. We are failing to win every game at the moment, however we had some discoveries from today’s match, so we want to use it at the next game.”