J1 vs Vegalta Sendai: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

I appreciate that many fans came all the way here to support us. My players worked hard throughout the game but the result was disappointing. Apologize. We scored an opening goal and managed to keep a good flow, but after conceding a goal, we were not in good form. But I would like to pay credit to my players for their effort to equalize against Sendai. Given today’s performance, I feel that the team has gradually improved. The second half started today. It may take some time to normalize the team. We want to be welcomed by our supporters.

Q: Why did you change both flanks without changing the top 2?
“It is for a set-up from a flank and a successful cross, but we missed many crosses. Sendai played very defensively, deploying many players in the centre. So, we needed to deliver precise crosses, but did not do so.”

Q: You have conceded goals successively after the interval, what would be the cause?
“Looking back many scenes where we conceded, I have found a particular pattern of our performance. While attacking, the opponents intercept our ball and score a goal. The other bad habit is a lack of concentration though my players say that they stayed focused on the game. However, in fact, the opponents exploited the moment they were interrupted. For the forthcoming games, we need to improve not only concentration, but also a tactic for cutting out opponents’ attack including positioning.”