J1 vs Shimizu S-Pulse: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“It was the 1st game after the rather long break. And I am sorry we didn’t win, although we had lots of supporters who came along to the stadium for us. I wanted to win this first match of the new term, and start the series of matches to come, however, Shimizu’s players showed them well prepared, better than we did. They ran a step further, and reacted quick. Their actions were better than us, and that resulted today’s game. We have very good players line up too, but it reminded me that a little bit of carelessness and lack of concentration would lead to such result. Especially under such hot weather, losing a goal like that way would discourage to play well. We must correct ourselves once again. However, our players never gave up and tried hard. I believe they will correct themselves well, and provide better play at the next match. I trust all of my players, and we will work hard to go over the hard schedule to come.”