J1 vs Sanfrecce Hiroshima: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jong Hwan

“We won today’s match because of the cheering we received from those many supporters who came along all the way to this far for us. I was expecting it would be a tough match today, but our lads risked everything and showed us the fighting hearts and spirits. Although we had no goals in the 1st half, we were saying ‘the chance is coming in 2nd half’. We didn’t have many chances as we were hoping or aiming, but we were believing in ourselves. And I think we expressed that well. We showed our stance of never giving up very well. It was the last game before the mid-break, and to defeat Sanfrecce Hiroshima who is the top of the table was very significant. We are about entering into a long period of straighten up the team, and I want to make this period to make all the players become good players who can play firmly and united.”