J1 vs Jubilo Iwata: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jong Hwan

“It was an away game during a tough schedule, so I was expecting that it would be a tough match. Especially the 1st half, it became worse than we thought it would be. We lost a goal too. But the lads corrected it well in the 2nd half. They attacked eagerly and gained chances. If they could play like that from the 1st half, they would have more chances, but anyway, they worked very hard till the end. We must treat the one winning point from away game as a precious point. We’ll have series of battles coming up, there are 2 more matches to play, and we always have so many supporters who come along to provide us with strength, so we must power up too. There is another game very soon, so we’ll have a good rest and try to prepare for the next match.”