J1 vs FC Tokyo: Players’ Comments

Toshiyuki Takagi

The result is more important than how we played.
I was desperate for a goal. In the last game against Kawasaki Flontale, Takaki Fukumitsu, my good friend, got the winner, so I was thinking that this game is going to be my turn. On top of that, the same members who played at the last game performed very well. Definitely, the last game gave us momentum.

Yasuki Kimoto

Q: Defenders did not lose their focus during the entire game. In this respect, was it the best game for you as a defender?
“ Well, it was good for us to win with a clean sheet. Before the game,
the manager said that we could win as long as we do not concede any goals. I was sure that forwards would do something. Consequently, their goal brought us a win.

Q: In the second half, Diego Oliveila was brought on. Did you think Diego strengthened Tokyo FC’s attack?
“ He is one of strongest players among the J league players, which gave me good experience for the forthcoming games. We were not capable to block him down perfectly, but did not concede any goals, which somehow brought us confidence.

Hotaru Yamaguchi

I am happy that the game finished with a clean sheet. Our past games were not so bad, but our lack of communication or concentration sometimes caused problems. Our front and back were well focused on the game today, which ended up with a clean sheet.

Kota Mizunuma

We patiently played throughout the match during a hard schedule, in which we had to play games consecutively. The opponents consistently attempted a goal. We did not have many chances but eventually luck was on our side. So, I am pleased with the three points we have got today.

Kim Jin Hyeon

Q: Why do you think that the game finished with a clean sheet?

We aim to win with a clean sheet but it did not happen for a long time. I thought it is difficult, and a single goal would bring us a victory. I believed that if I save their attacks faultlessly, my team scores a goal. The manager suggested to us to sit deep to shield the Tokyo’s forwards who run very fast. This tactics might have prevented many attacks. After interception, both teams put up a solid defense. I strongly felt that a single goal would be decisive. The team knew about that. This is why we put out a defensive side with the back 4 and forwards.