J1 vs Kawasaki Frontale: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jong Hwan

“I thank our fans so much who came over all the way to this far, despite us having such a busy schedule. We won today’s game because of our fans’ support and power. At the start of the game, our guys looked heavy and moving dull, and so lost a goal. They had to strive for turning this around in the 1st half. Then they scored a goal from a set-piece. The goal was scored by a very efficient play. After that, the lads were right into the match. We were under a lot of pressure, but defended through to the end and acquired the victory. Just one regrettable thing is that we haven’t had a game with a clean-sheet for a while. At the start of the game, they didn’t play well at first. That is something we must improve. However, within this hard schedule, the players have created the good mood, and they have been riding on it. I believe that we can conquer the hard schedule until May by all of us together. We have quite a few injuries, but the players are working so hard, and I would like to thank to the lads for that.”