ACL vs Buriram United: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jong Hwan

“Though we had so many of our supporters who came along for us today…. We thought we have studied the opponent’s merits, and faced them, but we lost a goal by the same situation, and that made us in a difficult position. I think it was a good match. But we couldn’t block the opponent’s merits, and made the game difficult for us. However, there was a thing I would like to take positively, that all our players never gave in until the end and managed to catch up to draw. In the recent games, we struggled to bring the victory back, but we should be patient, and have to take small steps each time. The lads are working very hard. Without good results they could get inpatient, but the season has just begun. It’s important to get one good result. And there is still a chance in ACL too. We’ll have an even harder schedule in the next month, but I’d like to prepare well, and win at the next home match.”