ACL vs Buriram United: Match Review

Though they couldn’t earn the 3 winning points they were wishing desperately, the goal scored by Kenyu Sugimoto with his pride, kept their hope for breaking through the group stage.

It was Cerezo who started well. In the 2nd minute, Kota Mizunuma made a shot to the pass from Kenyu Sugimoto who linked the ball from Hotaru Yamaguchi, then in the 3rd minute, Yang Dong Hyun received the cross from Riku Matsuda by his chest, and tried for the goal. But, in the 11th minute, they lost a goal from opponent’s corner kick that also involved a pass error. The strong in-swing shot by Ratthanakorn nearly hit head of Yang Dong Hyun who were defending near goal, and was sucked into the goal.

After that point, Buriram shifted their defence with 5 backs, and concentrated on defending the counter attack. Cerezo struggled to break through the defence even when they possessed the ball, and couldn’t make a shot. Time was just passing, and the heading shot by Sugimoto from the cross from Toshiyuki Takagi in the 42nd minute was the only chance in 1st half, however the shot missed by frames.

Into the 2nd half, there was not much improvement, and Cerezo was still struggling with Buriram’s defence, however, in the 65th minute, they had a goal that blew the heavy air away in the stadium. Sugimoto linked the pass from Matsuda to Yamaguchi, then Yamaguchi sent the ball to left to Yusuke Maruhashi who made a great cross, while Sugimoto was blocking a defender near the goal, and it was Yang Dong Hyun who ran into the free space. He had his much-waited 1st goal for Cerezo since he joined the club, and that made Cerezo draw.

The voltage in the stadium was risen, and Cerezo aimed to come-from-behind at a burst, however in the 71st minute, lost another goal to opponent by the 1st corner kick in the 2nd half. The precise kick by Ratthanakorn sent the ball to near the goal, and this time, Edger received and passed behind, and Diogo who was preparing executed a goal with header. On the bases of goal losses at the 1st leg, prior to the match, Cerezo was very cautious especially about Buriram’s set piece, but they couldn’t use the lessons they learnt, and lost the regrettable 2nd goal.

However, Cerezo made their hardest effort and tried their counterattack to avoid having consecutive defeats against Buriram. In the 84th minute, Sousa jumped into the free kick ball taken by Maruhashi and made a chance, then in the 87th minute, the high-school graduate new comer Mizuki Ando was sent to the pitch as a substitute. Then Ando did the huge job. In the 88th minute, Ando received a ball from Yang Dong Hyun that was passed from Yamaguchi, and dribbled through. Despite the strong attack by defender, he kept the ball and sent it to Maruhashi at left, then Maruhashi sent it to Sugimoto who made a cross to centre of the goal. Though it was cleared by a defender, Yamaguchi reacted immediately to the loose ball, ran up to right side and made a soft cross toward in front of the goal, then Sugimoto who were sending his sign of demanding of the ball to Yamaguchi with big gesture, struck the ball into the goal with his dynamic header.

The stadium was surrounded by loud cheers for the last minute’s goal by their ace striker, but the match ended as a 2-2 draw. Cerezo narrowly avoided the defeat by their dramatic catch up, however it was the match they desperately wanted to earn 3 winning points, so there were no smiles on the manager Yoon Jung-Hwan and players’ faces after the match. It was another regrettable result after the away match.