J1 vs Kashiwa Reysol: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jong Hwan

I would like to give credit to our supporters. Today we wanted a win to live up to their expectations and to show our appreciation for them. I am disappointed in today’s result. From the kick-off, my players created many chances without sitting deep and attacked the opponents continuously. However, decisiveness was not good enough. If we could have equalized at an earlier stage, the result might have been different. I tried to change their mood with replacements, so eventually we scored an opening goal, which led us to retrieve our pace. Afterwards, we had some chances. We need to create more chances and improve decisiveness. This week we worked hard for this game, but I have recognized that our preparation was not perfect. Having said that, I feel that the players regained their combative spirit. If they win, they will build their confidence. Our efforts were not fruitful today, but we will soldier on until we prove ourselves.