ACL vs Buriram United: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jong Hwan

I knew it would be a match in very difficult circumstances, but by losing a goal at the early hour, it made our game plan fragile. It was us, playing bad with errors rather than the opponent playing well. Having errors made us run extra distance, more than we should have done. I was expecting this that could happen and spoke about it to my lads too, but it would be very difficult for players to get concentrated in an atmosphere like that. For weather-wise, it was a bit cooler than yesterday, but it's still hard for us to get used to this weather condition, then we increased our errors, and made the match very daunting. In the 2nd half, we played more actively, but allowed an additional goal to them. Though we had some chances to catch up, we couldn't make a goal, and that led us to today's result. Our players didn't give in until the end. I am sorry, to those many people who came here to support us. There will be a hard schedule waiting for us, so we should prepare well for the next game.