ACL vs Buriram United: Match Review

The impact of the goal loss within 2 minutes from kick-off haunted the rest, and resulted with complete defeat. Cerezo swears to be victorious at the 2nd leg in one week time.

Soon after the kick-off, Cerezo got a smack in the eye. In 2 minutes, Andres Tunez made a heading shot from the swinging corner-kick ball took by Korrokot Wiriyaudomsiri, and the goal nets were shaken. It made Buriram United supporters in the back stand and also the whole stadium with a loud cry, and Buriram kept their further attack. In 5th minute, Korrokot Wiriyaudomsiri who assisted the opening goal took a free-kick and the ball hit the bar, threatened Cerezo for another goal.

Cerezo was flurried from the beginning of the game for a little while, but managed to calm down as time passed by, and in the 16th minute, Yang Dong Hyun made heading shot from the cross from Noriyuki Sakemoto. Also in the 17th minute, Hiroto Yamada received a pass from Hirofumi Yamauchi, and aimed at the goal using his left foot from a position with no angle. Then in the 23rd minute, a chance came to Cerezo. Dong Hyun rolled the pass he received from Yamauchi from left-hand side to Yamada, and Yamada made a toe-punt shot. The sharp shot went down to good course, but a goal was denied by the goalkeeper's good save.

After that, though there were some threats, Cerezo didn't allow the opponent to score more and ended the 1st half, but from right beginning of the 2nd half they received severe attack by Buriram. And in the 54th minute, from left side, Jakkaphan Kaewprom made a cross, and the Brazilian Edgar made a heading shot from far side, and that became the 2nd goal to Buriram.

Attacking was the only thing Cerezo could do now, then in the 59th minute, Yamauchi contended a crossed ball from the right, and Yamada who took the loose ball had a chance of a one versus one against the goalkeeper, but the shot was blocked by the goalie, and the chance was missed. In the 76th minute, Jakkaphan Kaewprom received a red card for his dangerous tackle and sent away. Cerezo longed to score now against the opponent with one less player, but couldn't link their passes, and not to reach to shoot. In the 85th minute, a high school graduate newcomer Mizuki Ando made his debut, however there was no more chances, and the match ended 0-2. The team tried to change the flow of last 3 draw games in official matches and worked so hard in such hot weather, however the game was almost always under pressure of Buriram's momentum, and it became the first defeat of an official match this season. However, as the manager Yoon Jung-Hwan said after the match, "This doesn't mean we cannot go through the group stage. It made the home game very important, and we have to make sure to win the home game.", after 3 games played, Group G is in a chaos. Cerezo swears their victory at the home against Buriram on 14th March, next week.