J1 vs Yokohama F. Marinos: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jong Hwan

"We played a match 3 days ago, but many supporters came along for us today again, and gave us lots of power. The opponent pressed us hard from the front and also kept the last defender's position quite high up, so we struggled in the 1st half, and also we made a lot of mistakes, then lost the opening goal to them at early hour of the game. However, in the 2nd half, we said 'we are capable to become aggressive', and reduced our mistakes, then we changed the mood to our pace. We had a lot of chances in today's match, but couldn't execute. That's what, I think, is the reason of the draw result. And that re-confirmed that we must execute the chances to simplify a game like today. I am sure the lads know that too. It was the game that made us re-recognized the importance of acquiring the opening goal. We are talking about 'improving quality' for this year, and we must make a big effort for that. At least, we didn't lose today, so we should be able to change our mood."