Re. Osmar Barba Ibanez, The press conference of joining Cerezo Osaka

We are pleased to report the press conference of Osmar about his engagement to the team.

Minoru Tamada, the president

"Hello, everyone. To our fans, thank you for your continuous support, and to the people from media, thank you for your hard work. Cerezo Osaka will have the opening game of J League on this coming Sunday at our home Yanmar Stadium Nagai, that is only 3 days to go, so I know it is a bit of an unusual timing to have a press conference of the new comer, but it'll be explained by Mr Okuma later. We thought, in this season, we really needed the strength like him to fight through the extremely hard schedule, and so, we've got Mr Osmar Barba Ibanez to our team. We will work very hard for this coming one year, so please continue to give us your support."

Kiyoshi Okuma, General manager of the team

"Mr Osmar has joined us loan bases from FC Seoul. For our stance in the society of contracts, we were listing up some players who would may be fit in Cerezo's soccer, suitable for Japanese soccer, and someone who would contribute to the team's growth, then when we went to see other players, we saw Osmar, he was the captain at FC Seoul. He is a good player, and we knew other clubs were interested in him too. In last season, Cerezo managed to get the 2 titles, however, Mr Yoon wants 'keeping ball, and play aggressive soccer by taking the initiative on both defence and offence' in this season, and to become a team who wins regularly and a regular face in ACL (Asian Champion's League), to get the League title, and also to aim the title of ACL, he was a captain in K League, and also had good experiences in ACL. In the committee meetings with Mr Yoon, this idea (of getting Osmar) came up, and for Cerezo's growth, we thought he would be a great player for us. I reckon the transfer would be a chance of timing, like the situation of our current players and the other team's situation, his own wishes, and the timing of several matters met together, then the transfer to Cerezo has been fixed. We are very excited. As a person, we can say that he has a great personality by talking to him too. I hope he will fit in Cerezo as quick as he can, to challenge the 4 titles, also join the team who fight for every each match with the best they can do, and lead the team."

Osmar Barba Ibanez

"KONNICHIWA! (with laughter) First of all. I am so happy to be here. I would like to thank to the club, the president and Mr Okuma. I am so grateful, and thank you so much for giving me the chance. As Cerezo is challenging to the 4 titles in this season, I am also willing to challenge it, and also I really wanted to join the strong team. I was watching recent Cerezo from outside, and think they are having a very good season. There are quite a few players who's been playing here together for long time, and there are many high level players, so I have to get used to the style of the team and colleagues quickly, and will work hard day by day. As I said earlier, as myself, I want to challenge all the titles, and I have got the titles in Thailand and Korea, I would love to get one in Japan too. I am confident with my ability and I will be able to contribute to the team."