Emperor’s Cup vs Yokohama F. Marinos: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

The things I would like to talk about, well, first of all, as we’ve entered to the new year, “Happy new year!” (ha ha). Today, just by looking at the result, I am so happy, and our players spent the year with full of unexpected things happened to them. It wasn’t easy, to start from the (J1 promotion) playoff in J2, to the (J1) promotion, then reached to these results. It wasn’t easy at all that we’ve become the champion of both the 2 Cups and reached at the 3rd on the league table. It’s not done by just one person, but resulted by many people, all the players, all the staff, and everyone who involved in Cerezo, all of us worked hard together. It would be very great if we can reach to the such result in 2018 too, but this is something I cannot promise. I was expecting that today’s game would be very tough, and it was actually tougher than I expected. This is the outcome of our players who’s been running throughout the whole year of 2017. I am so thankful to the lads. And I would like to send a thank you message to these players. I am very emotional to win the Emperor’s Cup that I couldn’t experience when I was a player but now I did as a manager, so I am so happy right now.