Levain Cup vs Kawasaki Frontale: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

It’s been such a tough journey to reach to this point today, but our players never dropped any games and won the cup. I didn’t dream that we could, but we’ve done really fantastic job. I would love to send a message to the players, ‘Thank you, and well done’.

In today’s final match, I choose players who have not been playing in Levain Cup’s games before. And they worked so hard on behalf of the players who worked and ran hard for the previous Levain Cup games. They really ran hard throughout the game until the end with their responsibility. And this victory was earned by not only the players but also the best efforts from our many supporters, managements of the club, coaching staff, and all whom involved. This is my first crown since I became a manager so I don’t know how to express, but I feel over the moon. I have a little neck-ach, I think I caught it by my bad sleeping position with too much tense (laughter in the venue). The players really worked so hard with their best they can do until the real end. I am in the happy team. But this is not the end yet, we still have Emperor’s Cup, and also we are at the third position on the league table. I would like everyone to be concentrated until the real end, and hope to finish the season without any bad injuries. I also would like to thank to you all in this venue right now.”