Levain Cup vs Urawa Reds: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

Lots of fans came to the stadium to watch the game. In return for that, I wished to win the game but couldn’t. I am disappointed and sorry for this result. However, I am happy that my men patiently defended until the end, which led us to qualify for the quarter- final. The team performed well, particularity in the first half. They also scored goals. On the contrary, in the second half the stadium’s vibe overwhelmed them. I found some players’ concentration was sometimes wrecked while new players managed to focus on the game. By and large, I am not 100% satisfied, but at least, I can admit that they fought with a lot of spirit until the end.
I should appreciate our progress in the table. We must prepare for the league cup better than this. Without any improvement, we can’t beat any teams. My lads need to focus during a game. At the moment, I don’t know which team will be our next opponent, Kobe Vissel or Gamba Osaka? In anyway, I will do my best.

Q: Why did you pick Yasuki Kimoto and Daichi Akiyama, not Souza, for a starting member? In the first half, they performed well. What do you make of it?
Kimoto and Akiyama displayed good performance. Especially, they helped to keep the team’s shape. In terms of my selection, I thought that Souza should play better when the opponents or my players were tired. He is likely to play near the front, but today, he was not. When we take the lead, I had planned to send Kimoto and Yamamura on as defenders because they are utility players. In the end, they did well.

Q: You mentioned that the players did their best while they lacked in their concentration. Are you happy or not?
In terms of the loss, the players lost concentration because of the overwhelming atmosphere of the stadium. Even so, they put in lots of effort throughout the game. Our team captain is Yoichiro Kakitani, but today’s skipper was Daichi Akiyama. Although he must’ve been under pressure, he displayed a good performance. My men were not in a good form throughout the game, but I found at least they did their best.