Levain Cup vs Urawa Reds: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“I’m much obliged for so many people came over to the stadium despite it was a weekday match.
Though we had quite a few member changes, we played a good game. After a while, we kept clean sheet today again. The players faced the game desperately and eagerly, but we still have one more match to play. And it’ll be more important game. Of course it was an important game today too, but it ended up as a draw, so we require higher concentration for the next game. It’ll be Urawa (Reds’) home, and they are a very strong team, so we should have thorough preparation.
I would like to send a message to our players and say well played for today’s game. And want to prepare well for the remaining game, and work hard to face it with high concentration.”