J1 vs Jubilo Iwata: Match Review

3 point goes down the pan with a 1-1 draw
Kenyu Sugimoto’s defense is impressive

The number of spectators for today’s game, 14,881 people, was the record at Yamaha Stadium this season. During the first half, Cerezo Osaka were in a crunch situation against Jubilo Iwata who pressed well. Riku Mastuda and Tatsuya Yamashita fought tooth and nail. Riku appeared on the pitch after an absence of three games and Yamashita was picked after being sidelined for four games. They frenetically played to close down the opponents. Cerezo had struggled to press forward for a while. On the 30th minute, they had a chance to hold the ball. On the 37th minute, Kakitani took the ball from Musaev’s sloppy pass toward Nakamura. The ball was sent to Kenyu Sugimoto, and he passed to Santos, who sent it to Hotaru, and went to Souza, then it rhythmically. Souza played it to the right side. Sugimo met a fine cross from unmarked Kota Mizunuma with a direct volley to score a goal. The shot was brilliant though Kentaro Ohi tried to intercept him.

Following the opener, Iwata continuously played offensively. On the 56th minute,
Cerzo failed to close down Kengo Kawamata, and on the 57th minute, Adaiuton broke through into the penalty area and tried. Fortunately both shots were saved by Matsuda. Following that, Cerezo still put out a defensive side. The manager, Yun was desperate to switch the play. On the 59th minute, Yasuki Kimoto was brought on for the Forward Santos. The style was changed to 5-4-1 to beat 3-4-2-1. Cerezo was happy to sit back and wait for a chance to counter attack.

In the second half, Iwata possessed the ball and pushed harder with attacking sprees as Yun expected. They struggled to score a goal, but chances were few and far between. Meanwhile, Daigo Araki, the third replacement, got injured and was taken off. On the 82nd minute, Iwata went down to 10 men.

On the 86th minute, the opponents drew level. Cerezo’s wish, a win with a clean sheet went down the drain. Nakamura’s corner kick met Kawamoto to head in. Cerezo couldn't respond nimbly. Yamashita’s tackle was not good enough. Following the tragedy, Yun sent Ryuji Sawakami on for Mizunuma. During additional time, Sawakami blasted it over behind the Iwata defender, which did not beat Kaminski, Iwata’s goalkeeper.
The game was over with a 1-1 draw.