J1 vs Gamba Osaka: Player’s Comments

Hotaru Yamaguchi

“If we could execute the chances we should of executed, and if we could score the 2nd, it might of changed whole game. Gamba (Osaka) scored one, then scored the 2nd soon after, and that was the different to today’s Cerezo, I think.”

Q: It looked Cerezo played rather superiorly, don’t you think?
“Until we lost Gamba’s 1st goal, we were in charge. We had chances to score our 2nd but failed, and allowed the opponent to score a goal to make draw, it was a huge impact. The opponent seemed to gain momentum by that.”

Q: It was the 3rd defeat in this season. Shouldn’t you review yourself objectively, at this point when the team who’s been winning made defeat, and do something for the future games?
“Yes, and also, we should make sure to win the next game and not have successive losses, then I want the team to start to win consecutively again.”