J1 vs Urawa Reds: Player’s Comments

Kenyu Sugimoto

Q: In the recent games, the team has had problems at the start, but today, you scored 2 goals in the early time instead. Was it a big impact for the rest of the match?
“That was exactly what we were talking about before the game, as ‘We struggle at start of the game recently, so let’s try to score a goal at the right beginning today’. Then Kota (Mizunuma) said ‘We should have a chance at the beginning in 1st half, so let’s execute it’, and so we did.”

Q: Both the 1st and 2nd goal, do you think you did execute them as a ‘striker’ should do?
“Well, after that, I hit post and I should have scored that too. Also, as the team, we had enough number of defenders but lost an unnecessary goal, so we must reflect on it. Then I think, we made the correction on that mistake at halftime, and talked through, so I wasn’t too worried. Regarding the goals, I had fantastic assists, so it wasn’t just me who made them. Everyone ran so much, worked very hard, and I would like to continue to do so by myself, and I believe that’ll create more chances to come. Then when the chance comes, we must execute it well.”