StubHub World Match 2017 vs Sevilla FC: Players’ Comments

Takaki Fukumitsu

Q: When you shot at the goal, did you think it might have hit the goal post?
A: I was ready to jump myself into the goal post because the team created the goal chance by possessing the ball and with their great effort. My shot might not have looked so great, but a goal is a goal.

Q: Did you feel the difference from the players of the La Liga ?
A: Well, in terms of the quality, each performance, such as cutting and kicking, was brilliant. Playing against such quality players will make a big difference to my performance. I would like to harness my experience for the next league and cup games.

Q: How was the through pass that you attempted? It looked like there was some space to get a ball through, but you could ‘t.
A: You're right. I need to up my skill level. I was able to find that out from this game, so I’d say it was a good experience.

Q: It was a good game, given that the upcoming second stage, wasn’t it? In a way, it reset yourself.
A: Yes. Each game is a serious battle. I fight with tooth and nail at each game, but I know I have to do more. Anyway this game taught me a lot. I'd like to contribute to a win by turning this experience into an advantage.

Kazuya Yamamura

Sevilla’s quality was different. During the first half, they had most possession of the ball. Each player’s performance was established, so we had difficulty in pressing Sevilla. Shortly after we took the ball, they immediately took it back. I was not able to keep the ball under such circumstances. But it was good for me to learn these things by experience.

Q: Did you feel that Sevilla is better than you?
A: They are technically better. Their passing was excellent with not many mistakes though the pitch was a boiling hot. They made us run to get tired. In this way, they technically had the upper hand.

Q: What would you like to take from their play?
A: Their positioning for support is good. Their pressing is so quick, which made me feel a difference. If we can play the same as they did, our ball retention will be improved. I would like to be inspired by them, rather than mimicking them.

Q: It was a good game, given that the upcoming second stage, wasn’t it? In a way, it reset yourself.
A: Yes. They were in control during the game. For the second stage, we need to improve our communication and tactics for pressing.