J1 vs FC Tokyo: Player’s Comments

Kenyu Sugimoto

“I wanted to score when the team was struggling. Though we lost the opening goal to the opponent I was feeling pretty calm, and it was great I could score a goal and made the team’s spirit high. As players on the pitch, we were feeling fine even after the opponent scored the goal. At the moment, even when losing an opening goal we can accept the situation and be cool, maybe it’s the confidence, so after lost the goal we talked calmly, led by Yoichiro (Kakitani), ‘Stay cool and keep playing! We will score without doubt. But we shouldn’t lose any more goals’. We were struggling a bit in the 1st half, but we sussed out the opponent’s weakness at their middle part towards back, and targeted that point, so from the right beginning of 2nd half we started playing well, and our aim to score a goal came real. However we had more chances we should have scored but we didn’t, so I am not satisfied at all. The 1st half of the league matches were over now, and one of my aims for the 2nd half is to score more in the coming half than I did in 1st half. As you can see, our team is getting stronger but especially at the moment like this, we should be humble, and there are a lot of things we must do by putting our feet firm down on the earth.”

Kim Jinhyeon

“(When the opening goal was scored) I made a little careless mistake, because our defenders possess ability to block at front, I was a bit too relied on it. The opponent was aiming for counterattack and I mismanaged the risk, that caused losing a goal, and also I had another threat in the 2nd half too. That made me feel I should manage risks better. However the team was attacking hard even before end of the 1st half, so I wasn’t feeling too negative, and from the beginning of 2nd half everyone had reset ourselves, be patient and play firmly, and the most important thing was to score a goal, so having one goal without panicking led to the 2nd and the 3rd goal.”