J1 vs Vegalta Sendai: Player’s Comments

Yoichiro Kakitani

Q1: It was the first goal in this season, wasn’t it?

I expected that you’d say so. As you know, a chance comes to everybody. So I always try, but there are ups and downs. Sometimes it goes well like today but sometimes it goes wrong. Before trying it, who knows? For me, more importantly, I was not patient at the time I had to be. I’d say the opponents helped me as my impatience didn’t cost so much. I found many things to improve, so I need to tackle these. During the game, Sendai overwhelmed us with the electric atmosphere of the fans. Especially, when they played well or hit the net, the supporters became louder and stronger. While playing, I felt it was amazing. However, even in such a circumstance, our team pressed ahead with a strong mentality. I think this victory is good but we sill have something to improve upon because we couldn't seal them and missed our chance for a goal. There is a still long way to go before savoring the victory. We just need more improvement.

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