Emperor’s Cup vs Niigata University of Health and Welfare: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

Today’s game aimed to improve our team performance, as I repeatedly say. Although the players were not able to score so many goals, I am sure that they've leant how they should play for the upcoming games. We should be satisfied with this result but will try to perform better in the games ahead.

Q: You went in behind shortly after the kick-off for the first half. Wasn’t it your target to have a good start?
Today we could not create our pace in the first half, which was similar to the last game. However, the players eventually got their rhythm, and could come back from behind shortly after conceding the opening goal.

Q: After the game against Shimizu, Cerezo couldn't get many scores. How would you improve it?
Improving the mentality would be easier than a practical thing. We need to work harder everyday in training sessions, which will change our performance. When a good performance becomes second nature, we will score more goals. I know that fans are anticipating more goals, so we would like to live up to that.