Emperor’s Cup vs Niigata University of Health and Welfare: Match Review

Cerezo struggles against Niigata University of Health and Welfare, Mizunuma and Tanaka’s goals leads to a 2-0 win for the first game

This game took place on the 21st June, along with the J-league. The manger Yun commented that this game contributed to getting Cerezo back on track after the 15th scrappy game against Shimizu S-Pulse. In this game, the opponents were amateurs. However, our main players were picked up for playing against Shimizu such as Hotaru Yamaguchi, Matej Jonjic and Kota Mizumuma. Furthermore, Hiroshi Kiyotake positioned just behind strikers, played for 45 minutes in the second half at the game against Shimizu and got the equalizer. Souza also appeared in the pitch despite of the suspension at the game against Shimizu.

On the 10th minute after the kick-off, Cerezo took a lead from Kiyotake’s amazing deep pass to Mizunuma. Umarked Mizunuma shot a goal with his left foot. After the game, Kiyotake commented, “ Mizunuma was moving well and ran to a good position. So, what I just sent the ball to him. We broke the defense and scored a goal. It was good”
Surely, Kiyotake’s sharp sense of the pass must have brought the goal.

Even after the goal, “Switch your mind! Don’t stop!” Mizunuma shouted at the team. During the game, Cerezo had never breathed a sigh of relief. On the 19th minute of the first half, an additional goal hit the net. Kiyotake, Yamtuchi and Mizunuma played the switch. Mizunuma passed the ball back. Yusuke Tanaka jumped from the right side back, and shot to the back of the net. After the game, The No 5 commented “ The ball was coming from the left and going out to the right, the ball which set up by Kota was very good, so I just focused on hitting the target. As the goalkeeper was closer to one side, I decided to hit it to the other side of the net at close range.”
When the second goal hit the net, the University’s manager, Hirokazu Sakuma might have said, “My old player has done very well”. Sakuma used to be a coach for Tanaka at Tokogakuen high school.

Later on, Cerezo could not accelerate attacking and struggled for a spell, eventually putting out a defensive side. Goalkeeper, Kenta Tanno, Jonjic and Teruaki Moniwa had never allowed the defense to be broken down. In the end, Cerezo won 2-0 and went through to the third game against Albirex Nigata.

Emperror's Cup Round 2 Niigata University of Health and Welfare Emperror's Cup Round 2