J1 vs Shimizu S-Pulse: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“I am very sorry for our struggle at the start of the game, our players just had the International game and this was the 1st game after the interruption period, and also we couldn’t deliver a good result despite having so many supporters who provided us with strength. However, even though we fell behind, the players kept fighting until the real end and made it a draw. All the players never gave up and kept running, and this is the strength our current team has. We lost a goal, and then had many chances. Unfortunately we could not execute those chances, and I feel that it is what the game of soccer is about. You must grab a chance and execute it when it comes. It’s not easy of course, but execution is the important thing. We must treat today’s 1 winning point as a very important point. From now on, the schedule is becoming very tight, so all the players should become one as a team, get over the hard schedule, and work hard and continue winning.”

J1 Section 15 Shimizu S-Pulse J1 Section 15