J1 vs Albirex Niigata: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“I am very happy to have such a great result before the interruption period starts. So glad to be able to manage the multiple scores like that in front of many supporters, and I would love to share this happiness with them.

In the 1st half, we struggled a bit by not getting into a rhythm. But we started the 2nd half with a very high concentration, and managed to score a goal. Then we didn’t satisfy with just one goal but kept trying to get more goals, and that must have made us result to the multiple goals. We have a great flow at the moment, and it’s important to keep it. The interruption period is starting now, and it’ll be important to have a good preparation for continuing to play well after the break too.”

Q: About your achievement of conducting the 100th game in J1 league, that you previously said ‘it doesn’t matter’, please tell us your feeling of having the milestone game with such a great victory.
“It’s really doesn’t matter to me. A hundred games doesn’t have much meaning, but there will be more games to come, so I would like to prepare simply, to get ready for it.”

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