J1 vs Albirex Niigata: Player’s Comments

Yoichiro Kakitani

“It was a hot day but everyone moved well, especially Ryuji (Sawakami), he came in as a substitute and blocked well at the front. He also probably made 3 assists for the goals, and I think, like our previous game against Vissel Kobe, when substitute players play well, it means the team is in a good condition.”

Q: You couldn’t manage to score in the 1st half, didn’t it make you feel desperate?
“Both of the teams were tied, counter attacks from the opponent were quite severe, and to be honest, we were lacking our concentration, so we have some issues to sort out, but we were saved by Kim JinHyeon. It could have been better if we tried to eliminate the opponent’s positive actions and played. The both teams showed own positive plays, and earning an opening goal by a penalty-kick was a kind of luck. It probably decided the fate of the game.”